Arms Control


With the Administration’s intent to withdraw from the INF Treaty, ACNSL has taken this new issue area to engage on the importance of arms control Our goal is to promote diplomacy with Russia as essential to strategic stability. Arms control enhances rather than harms American security, and dialogue with Russia on nuclear weapons is critical to preventing misinterpretations or missteps. To this end, we have written the Administration expressing our desire for the US to remain a party to INF as well as agree to an extension of New START. Despite tensions with Russia on other fronts, it is important that both the US and Russia remain bound by the existing arms control agreement until a new treaty can be negotiated.

Recent Efforts

* Educate Congressional leaders and committees about the importance of New START to strategic stability

* Take part in public engagement to educate the American public on the importance of arms control

* Partner with like-minded organizations to promote continued arms control agreements and an extension of New START.