ACNSL General Membership

Types of Membership

Membership in ACNSL consists of retired career government officials who served in senior national security positions within the U.S. Government.  We areas retired Ambassadors, Generals, Admirals, and Senior Executives. Candidates for membership are recruited, vetted, and selected by the Board of Directors. All members must adhere to ethical standards including  nonpartisanship. Our work reflect the insights from a broad and diverse range of former interagency leaders. Any member of the ACNSL Board of Directors or a general member may nominate another individual for membership in the ACNSL.

• Acknowledged members are those willing to openly serve as members of the ACNSL.
• Unacknowledged members are those who wish to support the mission of the ACNSL anonymously.
• Non-voting membership levels include: Colleague, Associate, and Honorary.

Annual Dues

Annual dues are payable in January and cover membership through 31 December of that year. ACNSL is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.  Dues are a tax deductible contribution as allowed by law.  No goods or services are included in membership.  Current dues are $250/year.

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