As one of ACNSL’s original focus areas, our goal regarding Iran is to promote pragmatic engagement as part of a multipronged strategy to deal with Iran’s malign influence in the Middle East. We believe that a comprehensive, whole of government approach to Iran is critical and that without diplomacy the US risks stumbling into a military-first approach that ends in a destructive conflict. To that end, the College signed onto a letter by the Iran Project seeking to influence the Trump Administration’s strategy on Iran, the publication of which was covered by Politico.

By engaging the public and policymakers on the dangers of stumbling into a conflict, we hope to ensure that strong diplomacy and deterrence are the first steps in a strategy to confront Iran, with the possibility of military operations being used as a last resort.

Recent Efforts

* Educate Congressional leaders and committees about the importance of pragmatic and cautious dialogue with Iran

* Engage the public on the risks of stumbling into a conflict with Iran, and on the importance of strong diplomacy as part of any strategy to confront the country

* Publish op-eds authored by members to push policymakers to understand the need for a comprehensive Iran strategy as opposed to a purely military one