Amid rapidly escalating tensions and provocative actions between the U.S., Iran, and partners in the region, the ACNSL concludes the best and only path forward to securing stability is through diplomacy. While the U.S. must quickly move to prevent Iran from developing nuclear weapons through an aggressive and well-coordinated diplomatic campaign, we must also simultaneously work with the international community to condemn and counter Iranian efforts to destabilize the region. Previous Iranian aggravations in the gulf including the seizing of allied oil tankers, the continued armament of Hezbollah and other terrorist groups, and coordinated attacks against Saudi oil fields demonstrate the ineffectiveness of the administration’s “maximum pressure” campaign to resolve Iranian activities against U.S. interests.

The U.S. withdrawal from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) and reinstatement of extensive sanctions against Iranian political and economic figures only raises the stature of the radical and hostile elements within the Iranian political sphere, diminishing any likelihood of a peaceful resolution while giving rise to an increasing chance of war by choice or blunder. The ideal outcome of securing U.S. national security interests and the protection of partners and allies in the region requires an assertive diplomatic campaign to reduce tensions and escalating provocations.

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1. 21st June 2019: Rear Admiral Michael Smith via Lobelog
2. 1st July 2019: Brigadier General Don Harvel via Newsweek

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