We believe that a comprehensive approach to the Indo-Pacific region is vital.

Theme for Indo-Pacific Committee

ACNSL promotes diplomacy, aligned economic efforts and the importance of strong Indo-Pacific alliances as essential aspects for long term stability.  Utilizing all elements of national power and emphasis on building partner relationships will help to minimize the risk of strategic miscalculation in the region.

The guiding topics below will drive our approach, but may be amended based on emergent circumstances:

  • The role of USINDOPACOM in executing our national interests in this region
  • The role of Department of State in executing our national interests in this region
  • The role and impact trade and of other key players (USAID, Millennium Challenge, private business, etc.) impacting our national interests in this region
  • The role of existing or development of new alliances or partners impacting our national interests in this region

The Indo-Pacific Committee will examine the impact of our current engagements, alliances and negotiations, as well as any potential security threats or environmental disasters which require the U.S.’ attention. It is in our nation’s best interest to remain holistically focused on the region  to promote security and stability wherever it may be.

ACNSL Publications & Op-Eds - Indo-Pacific

Indo-Pacific Committee Members

Chair – Brig General Joseph Medina USMC (Ret)

Ambassador Glyn Davies (Ret)
Major General Beef Haddad USAF (Ret)
Ambassador Richard Holwill (Ret)
Major General Frederick Martin USAF (Ret)
Ambassador Deborah A. McCarthy (Ret)
Major General Donald McGregor USAF (Ret)
Ambassador Charles Ray (Ret)
Ambassador Harry Thomas Jr. (Ret)

Brigadier General Ricardo Aponte USAF (Ret)
Vice Admiral Dirk Debbink USN (Ret)
Ambassador Gerald Feierstein (Ret)
Bruce Lemkin, Senior Executive Service (Ret)
Bob McBrien, Senior Executive Service (Ret)
Ambassador Steven McGann (Ret)
Rear Admiral David Oliver USN (Ret)
Captain Young Carlos Schuster USN (Ret)
Ambassador Kurt Tong (Ret)