North Korea

The ACNSL strongly supports continued dialogue and negotiations with the DPRK. Although the DPRK is rapidly developing missile capabilities with the potential to strike the homeland, we reject those who promote military solutions via tactical strikes or ground incursions. Military action between the DPRK and the United States and its allies will immediately endanger countless lives within South Korea, including the 150,000 U.S. civilian and military personnel living in South Korea. The U.S. must oversee a global effort to denuclearize the Korean peninsula by leading an aggressive diplomatic campaign to establish regional security, diplomatic stability, and the discontinuation of the North Korean nuclear and missile development programs.

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1. 12th June 2018, Lieutenant General John W. Morgan, III USA & Lieutenant General Walter Gaskin USMC via Real Clear Defense


Our DPRK Advisory Council put on a very successful lunch on Monday. We focused on educating Hill Staffers and had a group of about 20 folks listening to our four panelists who provided their thoughts on the upcoming Summit between President Trump and Kim. It was truly a fantastic discussion and clearly demonstrated the value ACSNL brings by merging our diplomatic, military and intelligence expertise.