Diplomatic Readiness

As a global leader in international partnerships, the United States of America has a responsibility to respond quickly and effectively to diplomatic issues that arise throughout the world. The ability of our government to maintain exceptional diplomatic readiness is challenged by several factors, including the spread of disinformation and inadequate State Department funding. This is why the American College of National Security Leaders has established the Diplomatic Readiness working group; to utilize decades of combined experience that our former Ambassadors and Foreign Service Officers have to combat these challenges.

1. Countering disinformation
By strengthening the ability of public diplomacy to provide accurate information regarding American foreign policy, we can slow the spread of harmful disinformation.

2. Fully funding State Department readiness,
We make the case for funding because of the importance of diplomacy and the need for a strong American Foreign Service.

3. Resourcing development aid to foreign regions
Educating our leaders and the public on the direct national security benefits America gains through fully resourced development aid, especially in regions of the world most affected by climate change, is critical.

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Diplomatic Readiness Working Group

Ambassador Dennis C. Jett

Brigadier General Ricardo Aponte, USAF
Virginia Bennett, FSO
Ambassador Herman “Hank” Cohen
Ambassador Richard Holwill
Mr. Michael Kraft, SES
Ambassador Patrick Kennedy
Major General Steven J. Lepper, USAF
Ambassador Ronald E. Neumann
Rear Admiral Dave R. Oliver, USN
Ambassador Robin R. Sanders
Susan Johnson, SFS