American Values

The American College of National Security Leaders is proud to announce the creation of the American Norms and Values working group. American values, such as liberty, individualism, diversity, social justice, and equality, are admired by people worldwide, and they influence change in the internal affairs of nations that adopt sound mores and laws to emulate our own. One such norm, America’s role in the development of, respect for, adherence to, and confidence in the rule of law, is a foundation of its leadership in the world. The working group will study the influence that an increasingly interconnected world has on American democracy, our values, and norms; and how this influence may affect our standing in the world and our overall National Security. More specifically, how internal and external actors contribute in defining the future of the American Way of Life.

We invite you to read through a detailed list of our working group’s guiding themes and principles below:

1. Democracy
2. Contribution of American Values to Democracy and America’s
Standing in the World
3. Social Norms Protect and Define the American Way of Life
4. Law and Ethics in Peacetime and Wartime

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American Norms and Values Working Group

Ambassador Dennis C. Jett
Virginia Bennett, FSO
Brigadier General Stephen Cheney, USMC
Ambassador Herman “Hank” Cohen
Rear Admiral Chris Cole, USN
Brigadier General Jim Doty, USA
Major General Mari K. Eder, USA
Rear Admiral Jan Hamby, USN
Rear Admiral Len Hering, USN
Ambassador Richard Holwill
Major General Sanford S. Holman, USA
Ambassador Vicki Huddleston
Ambassador Jimmy Kolker
Mr. Mike Kraft, SES
Major General Steve Lepper, USAF
Brigadier General Carlos Martinez, USAF
Major General Gale S. Pollock, USA
Brigadier General Lewis Spencer Roach, USA
Ambassador Robin Rene Sanders
Brigadier General John Schuster, USA
Brigadier General Guy Walsh, USAF
Major General Peggy Wilmoth, USA
Brigadier General Dan Woodward, USAF
Brigadier General Stephen Xenakis, USA

American Values